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when ur mom doesnt let u keep that stray pet u found on ur way home



rapmon sits down at his desk with a fresh piece of paper and his favorite pen, ready to start writing the next album. he scribbles “school love affair” but realizes its just not cool enough. its lacking the Swag. 

"skool luv affair"

thats it. thats the title. cool dad has done it again.

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bangtan in preschool


jin: in charge of bandaids

jimin: knows every jonas brothers song by heart

jungkook: can read at first grade level and won’t let u forget it

rapmon: falls off the monkey bars constantly

jhope: talks really loud and gets put in time out

suga: nap time is all the time

taehyung: eats glue


I feel like green is an underrated colour

like idk people seem to often go to red and purple and black and stuff but like

just take a second to appreciate how pretty green is


hey that’s my fave colour. 

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